Invest in the underpriviledged by sharing the wealth

Schouten Foundation invests in a better life for the less fortunate, locally and internationally.


About our Foundation

How we help

Schouten Foundation seeks to achieve its goals through financial support for projects such as:

  • Poverty reduction
  • Supporting the improvement of people’s physical and spiritual well-being
  • Supporting Christians facing oppression
  • Evangelization and setting up congregations
  • Supporting Christian youth work
  • Supporting local charity projects in the region

'Since the establishment of our foundation, we have received many applications. We have decided to support a number of established charities with our foundation and not take up new applications.'

Vision / Mission

The Schouten Foundation wants to share its wealth with others by supporting projects that contribute to people’s physical and spiritual well-being.

The Schouten Foundation uses the Bible as a reference point for its actions.