What we do


The Schouten Foundation wants to share its wealth with others by supporting projects that contribute to people’s physical and spiritual well-being.

The Schouten Foundation uses the Bible as a reference point for its actions.


The Schouten Foundation’s goals are:

  • Poverty reduction
  • Supporting the improvement of people’s physical and spiritual well-being
  • Supporting Christians facing oppression
  • Evangelization and setting up congregations
  • Supporting Christian youth work
  • Supporting local charity projects in the region


 We provide financial support to projects that align with the Schouten Foundation’s goals.

To determine whether a project fulfils the Foundation’s goals, we have set the following criteria:

  • Projects are selected based on their track record and proven commitment
  • The project plan must be clearly outlined and include objectives, activities, a budget, and the ultimate intended impact
  • The amount granted will be transferred only via the Schouten Foundation’s bank account to the selected project

The social development work and its ongoing progress will be detailed in the Schouten Foundation’s annual report, which consists of a financial report and a narrative report.


 The sponsored projects must provide narrative and financial annual reports to the Schouten Foundation, who will, if necessary, visit these projects for monitoring and evaluation.

'Since the establishment of our foundation, we have received many applications. We have decided to support a number of established charities with our foundation and not and not take up new applications.'


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